Aringo Polished Concrete  provides decorative and polished concrete solutions for the indoor and outdoor flooring requirements in commercial and domestic buildings. Aringo Polished Concrete also offers contracting services in concrete grinding, concrete polishing, concrete surface restoration, concrete surface preparation and concrete surface stabilisation and repair.

Aringo Polished Concrete supplies a wide variety of hand crafted benchtops and architectural panels, according to the specific requirements of its different customers. Aringo Polished Concrete manufactures a wide range of architectural panels and benchtops of different styles, shapes and colours. The decorative concreter floors and surfaces manufactured by Aringo Polished Concrete are hand polished to create a smooth and shiny surface suitable for indoor flooring needs.

In traditional methods sealers are used to smoothern the surface of the concerte floor, which can not withstand abrasion and chemicals. The hand polished concrete solutions offered by Aringo Polished Concrete have both scratch resistant quality and a permanent shine. The benchtops and architectural panels manufactured by Aringo Polished Concrete are easy to maintain and clean. The benchtops manufactured by Aringo Polished Concrete are heat resistant and are suitable for household use as kitchen benchtops.