Rodeca multifunction panels from Architectural Building Elements Pty Ltd are recommended for translucent roofing requirements in internal and external spaces, in flat as well as curved applications.

Designed for quick and easy installation, Rodeca multifunction panels are lightweight with high insulation and high impact characteristics. Without glazing bars and through minimal use of alloy components, the user can achieve an almost seamless and economical finish.

Key features of Rodeca multifunction panels include translucent appearance; thermal insulation; high temperature resistance; excellent long-term performance through UV protection; and 200 times tougher than glass with shatter-proof properties.

Rodeca multifunction panels are used in a broad range of applications including roofing construction, sports and industrial halls, canopies, roof lights – flat and curved, pyramids, smoke and heat exhausts, carports, patio coverings, and wall and roof refurbishments.

Being translucent, Rodeca multifunction panels help introduce natural daylight into covered spaces in an economical way. The panels come in thicknesses ranging from 3mm to 25mm.