Architectural Building Elements Pty Ltd presents multi wall sheets from their Rodeca range, designed for versatile applications. Rodeca’s multi wall sheets can be manufactured in different thicknesses to suit specific requirements. Variable widths with closed edges can also be produced to meet custom specifications. Available in a standard MWS clear colour, the sheets can be supplied in additional colours.

Rodeca multi wall sheets are made from polycarbonate material, a crystal clear high impact thermoplastic with a temperature resistance range from -40°C to +115°C. Key benefits of the material include unchanged impact resistance within this temperature range; good long term performance through UV protection; translucence with excellent thermal properties; and 10-year warranty against yellowing.

The multi wall sheets find application in winter gardens, conservatories, roofing constructions, pergolas, light bands, canopies and various interior applications.

Versions available for this range include: Heatbloc design; Frozen design; High impact; and Closed edges.