With councils and public works bodies under increasing pressure to conserve all forms of water, recycled as well as potable for the betterment of society, Arborgreen Landscape Products has introduced a tree watering system to conserve water and limit evaporation.

The RootRain urban system delivers water quickly and evenly to the root zone of a tree without the usual losses such as run-off and evaporation normally associated with surface watering. Often the surfaces around trees become compacted, or are hard paved and therefore do not readily absorb water.

RootRain distributes moisture where it is needed and encourages deep rooting for stability and drought tolerance.

In urban areas and most public spaces, trees mostly need supplementary watering, at least during the establishment period and in time of drought. This has led to increased use of recycled water for this purpose, but society still encourage operators to maximise the use of this resources well.

By using RootRain, councils and management bodies can operate an organised program using water trucks and designated tree watering points to enhance tree health and vigour. This also demonstrates a commitment to conservation and re-use of one of the most precious resources in society.

The RootRain urban system is ideal for trees planted in mulch beds or turf and it is very inexpensive. A discreet grid inlet prevents a system from blocking with urban environmental waste. Other RootRain systems have attractive cast aluminium inlets to incorporate higher profile hard-paved areas.