Arborgreen Landscape Products presents the RootDirector tree root management system that directs the root growth downward and outward. It features a rigid, one-piece construction that is 100% recycle plastic and makes installation simple.

The RootDirector helps prevent root swirl with its integral ribbed construction. The tree root management system also helps prevent unsightly and hazardous root damage, commonly seen in urban areas.

Features of the RootDirector:

  • Encourages deep root growth
  • Protection for paved surrounds
  • Improved drought tolerance
  • Greatly enhanced tree stability
  • Optional irrigation facility
  • Compatible with Citygreen treepit products
The RootDirector tree root management system, from Arborgreen Landscape Products, is compatible with the Citygreen range including the RootRain irrigation system, StrataCell load bearing soil structure and the estensive tree grille and guard range.