Aborgreen Landscape Products are suppliers of a wide variety of largescale landscaping supplies, including a range of tree grilles manufactured from heavy duty cast iron segments to ensure strength and durability.

Featuring an equally heavy duty frame to support the tree, these tree guards are suitable for housing estates, public works, schools and other applications where strength is vital.

Based on a British design, the cast-iron segments in these tree grilles retain their visual asthetics despite withstanding intensive usage. This durability is further enhanced by the durable poxy paint finish available in black or custome colours.

Constructed from 75mm bars welded to a 600mm diameter circular frame, the support frame is angle welded and braced with radial support bars to provide a strong and rigid support for the cast-iron segments. Furthermore, this allows for Arborgreen vertical tree guards to be mounted securely to the tree grilles.

For added vandal resistance, Arborgreen tree grilles also feature a fully integrated, cast aluminium ‘precinct’ watering inlet that twist-locks into the grille so it is flush with the cast iron surface. Its vented lid swings up to allow watering and serrated lugs cast into the outlet connect to the 65mm perforated pipe.

To ensure flexibility of installation, prior to or after the tree has been planted, the tree grille support frame is able to be completely disassembled allowing the centre grille to be removed and re-bolted as required without causing stress to the tree.