Arborgreen Landscape Products  have released natural biodegradable erosion control products for stabilising banks, slopes and gullies that are vulnerable to slips and water scouring.

Arborgreen Landscape Products’ coir (coconut fibre) or jute mats and meshes are designed to be used in place of rocks for the lining of riverbanks, channels and gullies.

When young plants or seeds are planted through the sheets, they take root and sprout in the soil beneath, providing natural and effective anchorage. The erosion control meshes or blankets help to prevent the topsoil from washing away while the vegetation is becoming established.

Eventually the sheet material degrades back into the earth, a process that takes about six years for coir and three years for jute.

Coir rolled logs from Arborgreen Landscape Products have been introduced for pegging into gullies to reduce the scouring action of water by slowing its velocity and trapping the silt. These logs can be used on riverbanks instead of sandbags to inhibit the erosion caused by waves and currents.

Arborgreen Landscape Products have also launched a range of jute weed mats that are preferable to plastic sheeting for keeping down weeds until tree saplings or grass takes hold.

Unlike plastic, the jute mats consist of natural materials that biodegrade when they are no longer needed. The mats can be used in conjunction with wood chips or in place of them.