Agriform fertiliser tablets or planting tablets as they are also known are available for purchase from Arborgreen Landscape Products .

These fertiliser tablets are compact and easy to use. They are safe to handle and being pre-measured means that there is no need to measure up quantities of product making them extremely convenient to use in the garden. A pre-measured product also insures uniform and adequate fertilisation.

The tablets are a scientifically complete plant food and can provide a plant growth response for up to two years in warm climates. This means that the customer will not have to reapply fertiliser to their garden as often, saving on labour and the repurchase of fertiliser products. Supervisory time is also reduced because the customer can verify and count the number and placement of the tablets after they have been installed.

Root zone placement of these fertiliser tablets gets rid of feeding surface rooted weeds and grass. There is also no surface residue to wash away and the leach resistant properties of these tablets protect underground water from pollution.

Agriform fertiliser tablets provide all plants with a full range of essential nutrients. It is important to remember that during the first year after a plant has been established it does not need a great deal of nutrients but the continuous nutrient availability that these tablets provide is extremely critical for the development of healthy root systems and top growth.