Sustainable energy sources help in managing energy consumption and reducing impact on the environment. To achieve these solutions, Aquaworks offer gas and electric boosted solar hot water systems. A wide range of tank and solar panel are available from Aquaworks to suit individual needs.

Aquaworks help their clients in managing their energy and water consumption needs. Water heaters available from Aquaworks provide efficient hot water with significant energy savings. Aquaworks can customise solar energy solution to meet specific requirements.

Aquaworks also distribute a range of gas and electric water heaters from Aquamax. Gas water heaters are available in 135 and 155 litres. Electric water heaters are available in 50, 80, 125, 160, 250, 315 and 400 litres. Aquaworks offer a 400 litre electric water heater that is built with dual outlets and available in both single and twin element models. The Electric 400 Litre water heater is suitable for large families.

Aquaworks also supply Team Poly water tanks. The range of water tanks includes slimeline water tanks, drink water tanks, modular water tanks, cartage tanks, troughs, pumps and water tank accessories, storage and septic and holding tanks. Aquaworks also distribute kitchen appliances and bathroom products and accessories.