The recently opened Aquaworks Megastore in Mitcham offers everything needed to go ‘green’ – including knowledge and experience. It’s a whole new green world out there and many retailers are playing on consumer’s lack of understanding of the options.

As owner Matthew O’Connor puts it, “The concept behind the Aquaworks Megastore is to create an environment that complements all facets of water and energy saving products. A place where people can speak directly to our professional and qualified staff who can assist them technically with industry knowledge – for both domestic and commercial customers.” The Aquaworks’ senior management team is hands-on and has over forty years experience in the plumbing industry. Their technical knowledge and customer service is second to none. The staff have to be passionate about saving water, energy and lowering their impact on the environment and helping others to achieve their goals.

The Aquaworks Megastore provides a holistic, one-stop shop for projects requiring more than just a water tank. From solar hot water and solar energy to irrigation, civil works, water amenity renovations, grey water systems and synthetic grass installations. Even ‘green’ upgrades to sports facilities – including tennis clubs, lawn bowling clubs and football clubs – have been undertaken by the Aquaworks team.

Aquaworks project manage with their team of qualified staff and trades people to maximise customers' investment in the environment. Aquaworks can help ascertain water and energy consumption and put strategies in place to achieve goals and reduce energy usage. An initial consultation evaluates customers' needs and a 'Green Assessment' can help to secure government funding.

Aquaworks practice what they preach. All products for sale are from renewable sources wherever possible – including the outdoor furniture and decorative pieces. The new Megastore will not only offer green solutions, but will operate with green energy, solar hot water and a PV solar energy system. In addition, recycled office consumables are being used and a waste reduction and recycling strategy is in place. At home Matthew O’Connor has installed solar hot water and 64,000L of rainwater tanks that collect storm water for use in the home and garden. A solar energy system is also scheduled for installation next month. The family use energy efficient appliances and choose green products whenever possible.

With the aim to spread the green word and share their knowledge, seminars by industry experts will be conducted at the new Megastore, to help people identify areas in their own home and gardens where they can improve their sustainability. An education program is also being devised to present to schools, free of charge, to encourage and teach children in a positive manner how to save water and lower their individual footprints on the earth. Minute by minute, the world is changing to a slightly stronger shade of green.