Aqua Fresh water Purifying Systems  specialise in providing a range of water filtration systems which aim to filter the water coming from domestic taps that may be used for drinking or showering.

Relatively few people in the world filter their shower water, however, studies have reported and warned of the potential damaging effects of exposure to chlorine evaporated out of tap water. 

The company’s high output shower water filter is a replaceable and removable cartridge which is designed to filter out chlorine and other substances that may come from tap water. 

Key benefits and features of the high output shower water filter includes: 

  • provides balanced filtration and back flushing 
  • has an excellent life of up to 12 months
  • features high performance KDF and Chlorgon TM filtration media
  • available in a white, chrome or gold finish 
  • available with or without a massaging action shower rose 
  • size of the filter is 89mm (diameter) x 108mm (length)