The various water purifiers offered by Aqua Fresh water Purifying Systems are benchtop, undersink, reverse osmosis, refrigerator filters, ultraviolet, boiling water systems, chilled water systems and faucets.

Benchtop water purifiers are compact, economical and convenient. These water purifiers do not require any plumbing. They are ideal for caravans, offices, homes and holiday units. Undersink purifiers come in two forms, twin undersink and single undersink.

Twin undersink purifiers are the biggest selling system of Aqua Fresh water Purifying Systems. This system consists of a two-stage purifier, which works efficiently to provide clean and pure water.

Reverse osmosis occupies very little space in the kitchen and works silently. This can be mounted on the wall or kept hidden under the sink. Refrigerator filters offer a wide range of filters for refrigerators and ice makers. These systems prove to be very economical when an existing filter has to be replaced or retro-fitted with a new filter.

Ultra-violet water sterilisers fight against bacteria and virus present in the water by using the UV ray's cleansing power. Unlike the traditional methods, ultraviolet sterilisers do not use chlorine, which ensures the colour and taste of the water to remain the same.