AntiCrime  International provides professional logistics and support services to public safety and homeland security agencies. AntiCrime International provides innovative safety measures and has adopted service enhancement systems and practices such as constant training and communication and education, and has laid down policies and standards to be adopted. AntiCrime International also supplies special equipment to the defence forces and law enforcement agencies.

The special purpose security equipment from AntiCrime International are used for the following operations; homeland security and counter terrorism, law enforcement and security, corrections and riot or civil unrest, tactical and special operations and defence and public safety. AntiCrime International offers specialised security equipment such as detective equipment, operational equipment, detective systems, tactical equipment, mail room safety equipment, training products, X-ray systems, protective barriers and scanners.

The ADAMS ER3000 range of metal detectors supplied by AntiCrime International is designed for detecting and locating foreign metal objects. With the use of high sensitivity metal detectors supplied by AntiCrime International, tiny metal objects hidden deep within the bone cavities and tissues can also be detected. The AntiCrime Compact Combat Backpack from AntiCrime International is available in 100% nylon fabric. The Argus 017T public order helmet from AntiCrime International is used for modern-day policing. The Argus 017T public order helmetconforms to the PAS 017 standards which ensures increased levels of protection.