AntiCrime  International offers public safety and homeland security training services. AntiCrime International provides professional security training services for frontline responders to terrorism and predictive profiling, bomb awareness, maritime and aviation security operations, security checkpoint and inspection, counter terrorism training, EOD or IED specialist training, defensive tactics and firearms training, CPP and PSD training, fire and emergency response training and procedures and reality based scenario training.

AntiCrime International with its strategic alliance with K9 Security and DDA provides security screening services in schools, service firms, airlines, transportation companies and manufacturing facilities. The internationally certified trained professionals provide efficient screening services for detection of potential threats. The trained professionals from AntiCrime International have multiple search capabilities in detecting narcotics, explosives, fire-arms and scent-identification.

AntiCrime International provides public safety and homeland security training services through its Special Training Unit (STU). The unit includes skilled and experienced instructors and trainers. AntiCrime International is a member of the following organizations; International Tactical Officers Training Association, Industrial Foundation for Accident Prevention, National Safety Council of Australia, Security Agents Institute of Western Australia, International Foundation for Protection Officers, International Society for Crime Prevention Practitioners, Australian Security Industry Association, International Association of Counterterrorism and Security Professionals and American Society Industrial Security.