Anotec 0307, a safe, effective, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and hypoallergenic odour-eliminator from Australia, has been behind the refreshing scent of all official venues of the Asean Tourism Forum 2006 recently held in Davao City.

Formulated with environment-friendly components, Anotec 0307 has been keeping the whole Travel Exhibit area completely fresh and odour-free. It was dubbed the ‘Official Air Freshener of the ATF 2006’.

While most conventional odour solutions apply fragrances to simply mask or overpower the source of the offending smell, Anotec applies a scientific ‘fingerprint’ approach. Odour samples are subjected to ‘mass spectrometer analysis’, breaking down the odours into component parts and providing a unique odour fingerprint. Anotec analyses this fingerprint and provides a customized antidote solution, designed to control the offending odour.

Anotec is an essential plant oil formula, with 14 years of research behind it and credentials from two premier, internationally recognized odour-consulting firms. Anotec products have been tested and validated by the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (ANSTO) Environmental Science Program and the University of New South Wales.

It is also in compliance with all Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development guidelines for toxicity and passes the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations. It is manufactured by Anotec Pty Ltd , an environmental odour control consultant and formulator, manufacturer and worldwide supplier of the Anotec range of products.

Anotec's involvement in odour testing and formulating has resulted in optimum removal efficiencies in some of the more difficult odour producing industries such as meat, food and fish processing, animal, sewerage and sanitation.

Anotec also covers the more benign areas of health, medical, hotel/hospitality, engineering and other applications ranging from domestic to large commercial.