Anotec Odour Control  is a company involved in the formulation of sanitation and cleaning chemicals for domestic and commercial needs. Anotec Odour Control provides assessment services for odour control products.

 Anotec Odour Control offers variety of products for odour control and sanitation which are effective, economic and safe.

Anotec Odour Control uses surfactants induced absorption technologies for removing the odour. Anotec Odour Control’s new fresh is non-toxic, biodegradable and economic. It kills any kind of odour, ideal for kitchen, smoking areas, bathroom, bed room, gymnasium living room etc. Anotec Blue is non-corrosive and non-hazardous..

Anotec 0307 land fill odour control for the landfills with odours due to pollution, industrial waste, weather etc.

Anotec Odour Control’s industrial odour control is ideal for poultry sheds, piggeries and slurries. Anotec Odour Control also provides sewage treatment for houses and industries. Anotec Odour Control’s fresh & clean is a multipurpose cleaner. It is a concentrated formula for all types of surfaces.

Anotec Odour Control’s heavy duty cleaner is a concentrated liquid for stubborn stains and greases. It is ideal for kitchen hoods, bathrooms etc.

Garbage and waste odour control products are available under Anotec Odour Control’s bin fresh. Anotec Odour Control’s pet and animal odour control keeps the pet and cages odourfree.