Non toxic and biodegradable, Anotec Blue SFTY-100 is suitable for portable toilets, aircraft toilets and camping toilets. It is available in 1l twin chamber bottles; 5l, 25l, 200l and 1000l containers.

Anotec Blue SFTY-100 is a distinctive portable toilet additive, formulated to reduce odours inherent in the sanitation industry. Using groundbreaking chemical engineering technologies, Anotec Blue formulations ensure that your customers can enjoy a fresh and clean smelling portable toilet for the duration of its hire. Anotec Blue SFTY-100 liquid additive safely and effectively renders the use of your portable toilets a non-odorous and pleasant experience.

The Anotec Blue SFTY-100 mode of action involves hybrid methodologies using Anotec’s trademarked SIAT technology in combination with a catalytic process that endorses breakdown of waste solids and resultant odours. Use of this innovative surfactant induced absorption technology assists in the prevention of clogging of lines and pipes during pump-out and cleaning of each unit.

Anotec Blue SFTY-100 liquid additive for portable and recirculating toilets is non-toxic. Since formulation does not contain formaldehyde, when used, it will not liberate any toxins into the atmosphere, ensuring the safety of workers, end-users and the environment.

Anotec Blue SFTY-100 is non-flammable. You can use this product with confidence knowing that it will not affect most portable toilet construction materials or all types of seals, gaskets and hoses. The unique blend of these formulating technologies not only makes the product safer and easier to use, it has the added benefit of enhancing the non-staining and concealing properties of the blue solution.