Andian Sales  presents a range of plastic wheel stops made using recycled plastic materials.  

Conventional wheel stops in vehicle parking bays are manufactured from common raw materials including concrete, steel or timber, use of which may drain precious resources.  

Plastic wheel stops from Andian Sales offer several advantages over conventional wheel stops. In addition to greater economy in freight charges thanks to their light weight (17kg), these wheel stops can be easily installed into concrete, asphalt or roadbase surfaces by a single person.  

Key features of recycled plastic wheel stops:   

  • Developed from fibre laden plastics comprising of 50% recycled plastic, 30% redundant new stampings and 20% new raw materials
  • More resilient to impact than concrete wheel stops
  • More economical to purchase than galvanised steel wheel stops
  • Better aesthetics than resource depleting timber stops
  • 17kg weight greatly reduces freight and installation costs
  • Complies with Australian Standard AS/NZ 2890
  • UV resistant