Available from Andian Sales , industrial pallet rack end guards provide effective protection and are available as single and double row.

Warehouse racking often suffers damage from forklifts and other vehicles and this can result in disastrous consequences in the workplace. The obvious solution is to avoid the damage before it occurs.

Pallet racking and stock can be protected from accidental forklift damage with Andian’s steel end guards. These pallet racking safety guards are available in single or double format and measure:

  • Single pallet rack end guards - 1200mm (L)x 250mm (H)
  • Double pallet rack end guards - 2400mm (L)x 250mm (H)
Pallet rack end guards bolt securely to the concrete factory floor and are completely independent from the pallet racking they protect. The curved ends of the pallet racking end guards assist in minimizing damage to the end guard by adding stability and strength.

Pallet rack protection end guards are ready for dispatch from Andian’s Melbourne distribution warehouse.