In addition to anti-bird products and solutions, ANC Bird Control offers a number of other related services. 

A three month guarantee on the efficacy of the AVIGEL Pest Bird Control Agent, an NRA registered avicide for the effective eradication of pigeons, starlings, indian mynas and house sparrows. Avicides are registered for use in Victoria, Tasmania & Northern Territory only. MSDS sheets are supplied with all avicides.   

ANC Bird Control has a government license for feral bird control in built-up areas/populace places. This solution is suitable for open areas, such as warehouses, or confined spaces, such as ceilings, utilising air rifles and air pistols.   

ANC Bird Control offer an effective and humane pigeon trapping service. Traps manufactured from galvanised iron are placed near pigeon roosting or feeding sites. A variety of different sized traps are available, from low - profile traps to larger custom built ones to facilitate larger populations.