Available from ANC Bird Control , Stixx Vario bird prevention systems provide non toxic outdoor pest control with the angled outer pins improving the level of deterrence against the landing of birds.

Quality materials have been used for the base of the bird prevention system as well as for the pins, ensuring a long working life for this bird proofing system.

Attaching the bird prevention modules is fast, regardless of the shape or width of the surface to be protected, while marked positions enable service technicians to snap off small or narrow segments as required.

Stixx Fixx is a highly specialised adhesive that is used for the permanent installation of bird control modules, even in severe climatic conditions. It is available in 310 ml cartridges and contains a type of silicone, which is UV-stable and temperature resistant.

Stixx Vario bird prevention systems can be used for all ledges, regardless of length or width: 

  • 2-pin-row modules for ledges from 2.0 cm up to 11.25 cm wide 
  • 4-pin-row modules for ledges of up to 22.12 cm wide
  • Additional modules or single rows of modules can be used for even wider ledges
These bird spike modules can also be used on guttering and snow guards as well as on pipes and railings for effective bird damage control.

Detailed installation instructions for Stixx Vario bird prevention systems are available from ANX Bird Control.