Premier Net is a bird prevention system from ANC Bird Control manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE) monofilament yarn knitted into an open mesh fabric.  

Premier Net bird prevention system is designed as a pest control system and bird proofing product that complements the Aviwire system and prevents access to areas by pigeons, starlings, Indian mynas and sparrows.     

Premier Net is an open barrier mesh that comes in 19mm diamond pattern in black or white, or 20mm and 50mm square pattern in black or beige.  

The mesh holes are small enough to keep out small birds and designed to minimise the visual impact when placed around column capitals, window pediments and warehouse awnings or over large areas.  

A key advantage of the Premier Net design is that it does not affect the overall building aesthetics when installed.  

Stainless steel components comprising of cables, hooks and turnbuckles are supplied to secure the Premier bird netting.  

Black heavy duty nylon zippers are installed to provide access to lights or valves, depending on the requirements of the client.  

Key features of Premier Net bird prevention systems: 

  • Effective pest control and bird proofing system
  • Made from HDPE monofilament yarn
  • Available in various mesh sizes
  • Minimal impact on building aesthetics