Infolink met with ANC Bird Control’s Owner and Technical Consultant Greg Cowan today for an insight into arguably the most important pest control sector in the Building and Construction industry.   

ANC Bird Control offer customised Bird Control solutions specific to the requirements of each client.  

ANC Bird Control is the only pest control company that specialises specifically in birds.  

There are four introduced and invasive species which thrive in human habitation which are the target of bird control: Pigeons, Starlings, Indian Mynahs and Sparrows.  

There are three main factors that make Bird Control such an important area for building managers and architects.   Firstly there is the cosmetic impact, the unsightly mess of bird waste.  

Secondly there is the antisocial behaviour, especially around nesting time with swooping birds, or stealing food.  

Finally and possibly most importantly there are the major health risks associated with problem birds.  

As Greg notes, “Many people underestimate the toxicity of bird waste. There are over 60 viral and bacterial diseases – including Botulism and Psittocosis – present in bird waste. It is an extreme health hazard.”  

ANC Bird Control employs a number of control methods when dealing with exotic bird pests, as Greg notes, each job is different to the last, and each comes with its own challenges.  

Greg’s team works with the following motto in mind: “It’s got to be neat, and it’s got to keep the birds out.”  

Control methods include the use of nets, post and wire, bird spikes, avicide and electric shock tracks. There are many variables from one job to the next, and what works at one site, might not work at the next. This is why ANC Bird Control offers custom solutions for each specific situation.  

“With ANC Bird Control clients get the best results for their money,” Greg States, “we implement world best practices, and provide customized solutions for each client’s unique requirements.”  

“Birds are intelligent, specialized and highly evolved opportunists, ready to exploit any weaknesses to their own advantage. In order to control this highly evolved pest you need an understanding, firstly of the biology of the animal, the architecture of the landscape it is invading, and a mastery of the range of Bird Control products on the market today. It is this unique combination of expertise that differentiates us from the rest."  

Greg, who served in the Royal Australian Engineers for 17 years, built ANC Bird Control up as a sole trader since 1991, to its current operations with branches in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and recognised as one of the most respected names in Bird Control today.