When designing interior spaces, floors offer the perfect canvas for introducing areas of interest through the use of pattern and colour, without the need to divide furniture or walls. These floors draw the eye, focus movement and generally offer an extra dimension to the interior design.

It’s all in the proportions

Amtico Décor works best to accent key areas. Words such as ‘intricate’ and ‘artisan’ may feel like time and money, but Décor’s pre-taped modular construction makes it quick to lay and highly usable in commercial spaces. To maintain the bespoke look, we recommend using it in individual areas no larger than 25m².

However, Décor could be used to flood a space, creating a bold and unique aesthetic. Wood designs such as Victorian Star Large can be sub-divided into sections to recreate classic parquetry patterns of the past.

Victorian Star Otto

Victorian Star Otto, DC471 - with a perimeter of Graphite Slate and Fumed Oak laid in Stripwood

Feature, field or both?

Divide spaces, encourage wayfinding and create zones using a mix of features and fields. Décor is ideal for feature areas such as bar skirts, rug features and boutique hotel lobbies as a way of injecting classic patterns into stylish spaces. The mix of colours in Décor allows for both subtle features or bold focal points.

This range has also been designed to work perfectly with our Signature collection, providing you with over 200 complementary products to complete your scheme. 

Classic Goldstone

Classic Goldstone, DC479 - with Graphite Slate stripping and York Oak laid in Stripwood

Borders and corners

Choosing the right border has the power to transform a space. Useful for subtly zoning areas, drawing attention to focal points, or elegantly joining different flooring, borders undoubtedly elevate a room’s aesthetic.

Our collection of Signature borders and corners have been designed to work across all Décor designs to give you the ultimate in design flexibility.

Choose a single border such as our new simplified Pinstripe options to finish rooms with neat proportions, or stack several borders together for additional impact. Alternatively, create borders to edge spaces using single planks or tiles.

Victorian Star Clarence

Victorian Star Clarence, DC469 - with Pinstripe Fine Border and mitered corner, stacked with Bevelled Diamond Border and single plank perimeter

“Borders are the perfect finishing touch for your space. When combined with a complementary perimeter product, they are a fantastic way of framing your interior, and they can be used to dial up or down the level of decoration desired,” says Lorna Williams, head of product design & visual creation.

Make a statement with Amtico Décor

From the timeless geometry of Décor Classic to the classic marquetry techniques of Victorian Star, these designs bring a contemporary twist to classic flooring designs.