Amtico International  is a well known firm for flooring designers and manufacturing process. There are over 300 styles of innovative flooring options available at Amtico International for customers to choose from. Amtico International uses quality tiles and to name a few tiles would include biancone MD11, autumn slate Sl79, antique porcelain AN41 and many more.

Antique Porcelain AN41 from Amtico International is available in different sizes like 305 mille metres x 305 mille metres (12 inch x 12 inch), 305 mille metres x 457 mille metres (12 inch x 18 inch), 457 mille metres x 457 mille metres (18 inch x 18 inch). The thickness measures up to 2.5 mille metres, with a bevelled edge. The Antique Porcelain AN41 is available in neutral and cream colours.

Antique Porcelain AN41 is a soft neutral tile. It is effective when used to create a vintage or shabby chic look. This tile can be used in a small square formats as a decorative feature or as a large tile format to create a neutral backdrop in larger environments.

Amtico International also provides Autumn Slate SL79. It is available in three different colour shades like green, orange and yellow. The Autumn Slate SL79 creates a true natural looking slate with a riven marble surface finish. As for the Biancone MD11, it is an Italian limestone that will create a sophisticated neutral backdrop to any interior.