American Welding Distributors  is a company that distributes welding products. The company’s distribution product portfolio consists of various welding gear including the DHC 2000 Torch. Eddie Dillon, an Australian inventor, invented the DHC 2000 Torch.

Eddie found that the conventional oxy or acetylene torch allows heat to spread, resulting in distortion of the material and wasting of higher volume of gas. So he decided to modify the traditional torch in the course of which, Eddie stumbled upon other advantages with the DHC 2000 like its compatibility to compete with MIG and TIG.

The DHC 2000 Torch of American Welding Distributors is distinguished from the conventional Oxy or Acetylene torch by the fact that it contains a precision mixing chamber within the hand piece that sends gases at equal low pressure and low velocity. This method results in a narrow concentration of heat, contrary to the conventional torch. The DHC Torch of American Welding Distributors functions as a MIG or TIG Welder that avoids atmospheric oxygen in the welding area. Moreover, the DHC Torch’s ability to consume atmospheric oxygen as a fuel makes it more cost efficient than a MIG or TIG welder, which dispels atmospheric oxygen from the welding area with an inert gas.