American Welding Distributors  offers a list of welders, who, it claims, prefer the DHC 2000 Torch. The company says that the DHC 2000 Torch is widely used by schools and technical institutes; panel beaters; vintage car, machinery and motorcycle restorers; plumbers and manufacturers of brazed copper or brass items; farmers and smallholders; sheet metal workers and fabricators; and stainless steel fabricators.

American Welding Distributors gives a further list of areas where aluminium welders apply the use of DHC 2000 Torches. These areas race cars, motorbikes, aircrafts, go-kart manufacturers and racers; radiators, refrigeration, heat exchanger, air conditioning repairs and antique restorers. Easy use, minimal clean up, pliable welds are some of the factors that make the DHC 2000 Torch ideal for aluminium welders.

The DHC 2000 Torch is also preferred by glass instrument manufacturers. electrical cable repairers, sculptors and artists using steel; lawnmower and power equipment repairers, boat repairers and model makers. The DHC 2000 Torch is user friendly, as it does not suffer from shortage of oxygen and can allow savings on gas and filler rods.

The DHC 2000 Torch provides a narrow concentrated flame, which achieves minimum distortion with both welding and cutting panel and of potential use for panel beaters, vintage car, machinery and motorcycle restorers.