Amcer  is a Melbourne, Australia based business that offers building products based on earth. Amcer produces and supplies pressed earth bricks; earth building accessories; machineries associated with earth building; engages itself in research and development of earth building products; offers earth building workshops, training and consultation; and earth building designs.

Amcer believes that awareness and concerns about environment and global warming has led many architects and planners to use earth as a possible and energy efficient building product. Amcer says that earth buildings possess low embodied energy, high thermal mass, excellent sound reduction and some humidity control properties.

Earth buildings can save significant energy in volatile climatic conditions. Amcer notes that earth building is now becoming a practical and cost effective choice for residential, community and commercial buildings. Amcer has been indulging in various aspects of earth building products including soil selection, mudbrick-making, pressed earth brick manufacture, brick testing, brick-laying and the designing and building of houses.