The vast experience and interest in earth building has prompted Amcer to produce Amcer Pressed Earth Bricks based on the Eltham soil type. The company has introduced a host of tested bricks made out of blended and local soils. The soils are compressed at maximum moisture content and pressure to achieve a consistently strong and durable product.

Amcer ensures the quality of its bricks by putting them into random brick tests under the supervision of a qualified engineer. Amcer produces its bricks with specifications of 385 mm length, 85 mm height and 250 mm width. The height of Amcer bricks is lower than traditional bricks. The shortness keeps the dry weight down to around 15kgs and a square metre of wall will need 25 bricks to build.

Amcer produces its bricks in stable size, which enables using thinner mortar joints. So with lesser mortar mix, greater height can be reached in a day with less shrinkage or subsidence. Amcer also supplies screened soil, which can be used for the mortar.