Architectural tile trims from Amark Group gave the perfect finishing touch to Sydney Airport’s Domestic Terminal 2 during its recent renovation.

Designed to make the terminal lighter, brighter and better equipped, T2’s renovation project aimed to provide a superior experience to travellers. The terminal serves the needs of leading airliners. With heavy traffic throughout the terminal, the renovation was planned to improve passenger flows and reduce clutter. Key improvements included upgraded flooring, columns, lighting, ceiling finishes, enhanced wayfinding, updated bathroom amenities, and additional retail outlets.

Birdsmouth tile trims in matt black were installed throughout the terminal, providing a sharp design contrast to the overall lighter colour scheme used in the renovation. More than 540 metres of tile trims were installed in the main sections of the T2.

Exclusive to Amark Group, the Birdsmouth profile provides a cleft square finish to the external corners of tiles. The tile trim not only protects tile edges but also gives an elegant finishing touch to the corners of columns or the joins between walls and ceilings. 

Amark Group's architectural tile trims are made with quality materials and manufactured to stringent quality control standards. The broad range of tile trims available from the company is designed to satisfy the most demanding applications.

Architectural tile trims for public and high traffic areas as well as indoor and outdoor applications are available in a range of profiles and complex shapes as well as designer colours.