Architectural tile trims are guaranteed to provide the perfect finish to your tiling project. In addition to increasing the design impact, tile trims help protect the tiles and cover rough edges that could potentially be hazardous in future.

How do you choose architectural tile trims for your project? Typically, tile trims are considered for addition long after the tiles are selected and just before work begins on the tiling project. Given the huge range of tile trims available in the market, making a selection of the most appropriate trim products can be confusing.

Amark Group offers a few tips on choosing the right tile trims for your project, quick and fast.

Choose the right tile trim profiles

Begin with a quick assessment of what’s available in the market. The choices are many for tile trim profiles, ranging from traditional bullnose to square, curve, prism or flat shapes. Trims are also available in many materials from PVC to bright silver aluminium and stainless steel to timeless brass. The broad colour palette gives you a lot more freedom to achieve the right design look for your project.

Choose a couple of trims you think will work best and place their samples against your tile.

Amark Group stocks samples of their architectural tile trims, which are sent out to customers for consideration.

Choose the right tile trim size

The basic rule for a trim installation is that the depth of the trim should match the depth of the tile. Also, always make allowance for the thickness of the tile adhesive between the substrate and tile when choosing the tile trim size.

Different types for different areas

Tile trims are selected based on the area of application. For instance, internal and external corners or high traffic areas need the durability of stainless steel tile trims. Aluminium trims are commonly used for shower recesses and bathrooms due to their rustproof properties. A cove aluminium trim is perfect to create a radius between the wall and floor, reducing potential areas of contamination, while a channel aluminium trim creates a perfect shadow line, or can be used for glazing purposes.

Talk to the expert

Amark Group stocks a wide range of architectural tile trims in many on-trend profiles, colours and materials. The range includes trims to cover corners and edges as well as for external and internal applications.

Consult with the in-house team for recommendations and advice on the best tile trim options for your project and how best to install them.