Alumitec recommends the use of high quality aluminium enclosures instead of conventional wooden and steel structures for their many benefits.

A very strong and durable material, aluminium can take any desired shape due to its flexibility. Popular aluminium enclosures include balustrades, fencing, privacy screens and panels, carports, facades, pool louvres and handrails.

Aluminium products are designed and built to comply with the latest building codes. Installing aluminium enclosures in and around the building will help increase the property’s value as well as the aesthetics. 

Aluminium fencing

Widely used for security and decorative purposes, aluminium fences are typically installed in public places and factories due to their affordability and low maintenance requirements. Pickets and wire mesh can be used for protection against intruders. The fencing can also be customised to innovative architectural designs, enhancing the beauty of the surroundings without compromising privacy or security. Slat and tubular aluminium fences are powder coated with a variety of smooth colours and textures, and can be used for various building components such as decks, carports and windows.

Aluminium facades

One of the best options to decorate walls and ceilings, aluminium facades are composed of panels made from synthetic PVC materials and sheets of aluminium, with the core consisting of compressed polyethylene material placed between sheets of aluminium. Aluminium facades protect buildings from UV rays, acidic rain, dust and alkaline substances. Low on maintenance, aluminium facades are easy to handle, drill and install. Facades can be made attractive with the creative use of shapes and colours.

Aluminium pool louvres

Offering both protection and privacy, aluminium pool louvres incorporate the latest architectural techniques and are widely used for screening. The lightweight material offers the perfect fencing option for glass pool fencing and seashores. Aluminium’s flexibility allows fences to be transformed into any shape making them applicable to almost any surrounding. The colour coatings and powder finishes are low maintenance and easy to clean.

Aluminium privacy screens

Capable of providing extreme privacy without blocking the view, aluminium privacy screens offer high weather resistance thanks to aluminium’s attributes, and can be used for residential, industrial and commercial purposes. The sizes and shapes may vary according to the deck. Aluminium screens are suitable for patio surrounds, fence infill and weather control applications.