Safety is a key component of a new home or commercial building. Although masonry work is the best option when it comes to providing safety and privacy, it is not possible to use it everywhere.

Materials such as aluminium, steel, wrought iron and wood are often used alternatively; however, aluminium is considered the strongest of all while retaining lightweight properties. Aluminium is also cheaper than most of the other materials and is widely used in balustrade and fencing applications.

Aluminium balustrades are stronger than wooden or glass balustrades, and are therefore used for a number of purposes including fencing and louvre gates.

Aluminium balustrades are highly resistant to corrosion and rust, and can be used in both interior and exterior applications. Aluminium balustrades require minimal maintenance in wet or dry conditions. Compared to other materials, storage and handling of aluminium is easier and safer.

Aluminium balustrades last longer than other materials such as wood or steel because of their mechanical properties. Although aluminium and steel share the same features, aluminium balustrades are cheaper than steel and wrought iron.

Balancing aesthetics and function, aluminium balustrades are increasingly being chosen by property owners for use as fencing, and making barriers including security gates for both residential and commercial applications.

Aluminium balustrades offer several benefits to the homeowner. For instance, since aluminium lengths are available in many sizes, there is no need to weld or fuse two lengths together for aluminium balustrades or fencing purposes. It does not involve much construction and duration to install, remove and replace aluminium balustrades.

There are practically hundreds of aluminium balustrade products, styles and designs available in the market to suit specific requirements. 

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