Aluloc  offers suspended aluminium ceiling systems in a variety of models that can be assembled easily. A series of dimensional variations and suspension methods are also available at Aluloc. Each grid-based acoustic ceiling system is fully adjustable and aesthetically pleasing with hairline joints and thin edges. They also come in various finishes which include natural anodise, mill and white satin powdering.

Aluloc has different options for aluminium suspended ceiling systems that suit diverse individual customer requirements and architectural specifications. Aluloc also contracts the installation of these grid ceiling systems which are completed in accordance with approved safety standards. The ceiling systems from Aluloc are suitable for fibreglass, plasterboard or mineral fibre panels and can withstand a maximum weight of 10 kilograms per square metre. They are also tested for earthquake loads and destruction tolerance. Aluloc’s ceiling grids also have special provisions for light fittings and air conditioning units.

The aluminium ceiling systems available from Aluloc are attractive, lightweight, corrosion free and can be installed at the same speed as a conventional grid of steel. Connection details, suspension specifications and installation instructions are provided by Aluloc with all the ceiling systems.