Aluloc  offers ripplefoil aluminium and steel corrugated lightweight ceiling systems in various styles and specifications. Wall treatments of ripplefoil aluminium are also available for expressive cladding systems. Aluloc’s special ripplesound and ripplefoil aluminium products are flexible and offer numerous opportunities for architectural novelty.

Customers can choose from standard or bold profiled corrugated aluminium sheeting with various colours as well as finishing options. Aluloc offers flexible designs and lateral corrugations in its ripplefoil aluminium ceilings which do not sag, warp or get twisted. They can be successfully incorporated even into curved ceilings.

Aluloc’s ceiling systems have advanced acoustic and moisture control. Thermal insulation is integrally included during installation while the rippled surfaces evenly spread incident light by diffusion. Aluloc’s ripplefoil ceilings are economical and remain non-corrosive and maintenance free even in severe conditions. This is in addition to being easy to install and clean. They are made of recyclable material with a strong impact resistance and durability, especially for steel.

Installation to fixed steel or timber roof purlins, suspended systems and wall girts is also much easier with ripplefoil ceilings. Aluloc’s corrugated ceiling systems are completely compatible with air conditioning, flush-mounting and ventilation diffusers, while services are completely concealed.