Altec Patios  is a premium builder and designer of patios, home extensions, carports and decks. The products from Altec Patios promise high level quality, durability and style. They can be used for both home and commercial applications.

Altec Patios has special designers who act as consultants in choosing the right type and size of home extensions for customers with various design requirements. Customers can make easy home extension decisions from a wide variety of choices with economical and reliable products. A large selection of patios, pergolas, sky domes and static louvres are available.

In addition, Altec Patios also designs and builds carports. Prestige carports that give better street appeal and style to homes are offered. These carports can be custom built as per customers’ requirements and preferences.

Customers can also choose from a range of decking options available at Altec Patios. The decks offered are multipurpose and are a valuable addition to the customer home’s facilities. Altec Patios takes special care to maintain a high level of engineering integrity because decks are considered a premium cost home addition.

Altec Patios promises quality products and designing solutions that cater to the specific needs and tastes of different types of customers.