Altec Patios  is a leading builder and designer of patios and patio related products. In addition to producing conventional as well as specialised patios, they also produce pergolas, sky domes and static louvres.

Contemporary pergolas in an extensive variety of styles are available. Altec Patios also offers a complete incorporation of both patio covers and pergolas in a single structure. Powder coated pergolas in modern designs that add individuality to homes are also available. Customised pergolas to facilitate and enhance feature gardens are offered by Altec Patios.

Sky domes offered by Altec Patios are hundred percent waterproof and are available in a range of flexible sizes. They also allow for maximum amount of natural, filtered light. Static Louvres offered by Altec Patios in popular and attractive designs act as modern alternatives to pergolas and look great in partially enclosed areas like garden patio areas and walled courtyards. They also add beauty to outside living areas.

Altec Patios also offers a selection of patio enclosures that add space and style to homes. Patio enclosures are available as glass enclosures (called sunrooms) and screened enclosures. They are highly popular and look great in any setting. All products offered by Altec Patios are made from quality materials and are designed and installed to the customer’s convenience.