Alpha Electric  offer instant water heaters, shower sets, booster shower pumps and storage water heaters. Alpha Electric supplies Alpha shower sets which includes Misty, Misty Splash, Ringo, Maxi and Pulsation Jets. Misty shower set provides a cloud of soft and fine windy sprays for a refreshing shower, while the Misty Splash shower set offers a tropical storm experience and is a combination of Misty and Ringo sprays. Ringo shower set offers a soothing yet powerful ring of even sprays for a relaxing and satisfying showering experience, and pulsation Jet offers a stream of gushing water for an invigorating massage.

Alpha Electric manufacture a wide range of water heaters and shower panels which are available at affordable rates. Alpha Electric’s showering products have high water pressure and help in saving water and electricity. Water heaters can be easily installed and cut down the plumbing costs.

Alpha Electric offers booster shower pumps which boost water supplies by up to 4 times the flow rate. ALPHA Shower Pump Turbojet–150 is splash proof, consumes minimum power and has an electronic motor speed control. Shower pumps offer a minimum water flow rate of 2 litres per minute and can be easily installed. Alpha Electric supplies its showers and heaters to both local and international markets