Alpha Electric  manufacture and develop a range of instant and storage water heaters. Alpha Electric have been producing haters and showering products for more than a decade and exports them to Singapore, Thailand, Russia, China, Cyprus, Philippines, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, India, West Indies, Indonesia, Fiji and Zimbabwe.

Alpha Electric also produce a range of storage water heaters. Storage water heaters are available in 4 models such as 25, 35, 50 and 68 litres. Storage water heaters are made of stainless steel with a choice of vertical or horizontal models. Alpha Electric incorporate new ideas and technologies to manufactures sophisticated bathroomware. Alpha Electric was established in 1990 and manufacture water heaters, showering heaters and shower panels.

In 2002, the quality management system of Alpha Electric was approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance to the Quality Management System Standards of ISO: 9001:2000. With the achievement of this certification, Alpha Electric have been applying quality system and manufacturing process to produce products which are made of good quality and also meet the needs of its customers. Alpha Electric has also won a number of awards such as Industry Excellence Award, Malaysia Brand Name and Good Design Mark for Alpha Turboflow awards.