Allied Solutions offers expertise services in sealing leaking showers. Allied Solutions adopts time-proven, modern, innovative and up to date procedures that are reviewed every now and then. Allied Solutions claims to stop leaking showers without removing tiles. Allied Solutions claims that no re-tiling effort has to be done after the work.

Allied Solutions offer a wide range of products. It also extends a gamut of services, this includes an on-site assessment service, free quoting service over the phone or on-site and many more. Some of the other offers are ten year written guarantee and seniors and pensioner discounts as well.

The ‘Silicone Man’ offered by Allied Solutions, is a service for those looking for a simple and cheaper alternative to Allied Solutions’ shower seal services. The product silicone man extended by Allied Solutions is used as scrub, strip and seal agent.

As scrubbing agent, Silicone Man offered by Allied Solutions, scrubs shower or bathroom tiles, getting rid of Soap scum, grime and mould. Silicone Man can be also used as sealing agent that helps to seal showers, with new quality mould resistant silicone. Silicone Man leaves the area fresh and clean. Silicone Man used by Allied Solutions has high quality silicone designed specifically for each purpose.