Allied Solutions is a provider of pack sealer products. Allied Solutions offers various products like shower seal, silicone man, floor safety services and allied solutions. Allied Solutions extends shower seal to stop leaking showers without removing the tiles.

The other product provided by Allied Solutions, called silicone man is used to scrub, strip and seal. The floor safety services offered by Allied Solutions are used as anti-slip treatments. Allied Solutions also extends a gamut of products in its allied solutions as luminous safety products.

Allied Solutions manufactures shower seal that are tough and durable, one can even scrub them with a brush or use household chemicals, and this won’t harm it. Allied Solutions provides shower seal that effectively welds the surfaces together creating an impenetrable barrier. It is mainly used for upstairs showers and balconies.

The shower seal offered by Allied Solutions are designed to be flexible enough to withstand normal building movement without the associated complexities of silicone, caulking and other similar products. The shower seal extended by Allied Solutions is highly resistant to moisture. Allied Solutions are able to be seal shower leakages using unique processes. These processes are ensured to be done by true shower sealing professionals.