A modified electric latch from Allegion is helping a Rochester, NY hospital reduce noise in the paediatric wing for greater patient comfort and wellbeing.

The design of a healthcare facility has to take into account various challenges unique to that environment. Noise, for instance, is a major factor that impacts the selection of components, products and equipment. Louder environments are known to increase heart rates and create stress, which is why the Rochester hospital was looking for ways to keep the noise down in the building to create a more comfortable atmosphere for both patients and staff.

The 739-bed hospital has a maintenance staff of 185 including seven workers dealing with door hardware. Doors with electric latches produce a lot of noise, especially at night-time when patients are trying to sleep. The hospital sought an electric latch solution from Allegion that would not only be durable but also quieter than the regular door latches.

This case study discusses the successful installation of Von Duprin’s Quiet Electric Latch (QEL) in a healthcare facility.

When the QEL was introduced to the hospital, the maintenance staff approved of the solution almost immediately after ‘hearing’ the difference. The manager of the lock shop weighed it against all competitors and stated, “The alternatives just didn’t have the soft touch this hospital needed to keep the noise level down.”

Some of the advantages of the QEL door hardware included a push pad that retracted when activated to eliminate the extra noise created when applying force; low power requirement, allowing distances up to 800 feet to be wired using 12 gauge wire; and simple installation enabled without changing previous EL power supplies.

The installation was straightforward and incredibly simple with the maintenance staff taking about an hour per pair of doors to install the brand new QELs. The installation began in the paediatric wing on 24 patient pads with doors that were using QELs. The hospital plans to move to other patient areas once the first wing is complete.