In refurbishing old buildings with concrete floors, a problem can be that floors are contaminated with oil or other substances, and in some instances may have moisture problems caused by the membrane underneath having broken down over time.Up until now there has not been an easy solution to this problem, but with the availability of Aquron Concrete Treatment Products in Australia, available from Allcrete Industries, there is now a simple, cost effective and permanent solution. Aquron 2000 is a deeply penetrating moisture barrier for concrete floors, which is equally effective on either new or old concrete. The product penetrates 100mm or more into a concrete slab, and reacts to form a Colloidal Silicate Hydrogel within the pores and capillaries of the concrete.

Because of the nature of this reaction the treatment will last as long as the concrete, and is warranted to perform in preventing moisture migration through a treated slab for at lease 13 years when applied by an accredited Aquron applicator. As the gel forms in the concrete, any contaminants in the concrete are either purged to the surface where they are able to be cleaned off by high pressure washing, or are bound within the concrete by the gel formation. In this way, for instance, oil contaminated floors will be stabilised and able to accept floor coverings or coatings.

The Aquron formed gel will also purge gases and unpleasant smells from old concrete and prevent their re-occurrence, for instance in aged care facilities, where problems with unpleasant odours are common

Source: Building Products News.