Aquron 2000 from Allcrete Industries is said to have been proven superior to previous methods of preventing delamination of impervious flooring due to moisture, whether this arises from a newly-poured slab or an old slab which has no damp-proof membrane.

A simple spray application in two coats on a damp substrate will allow impervious flooring to be laid within 72 hours, provided that the concrete slab has achieved its designed structural strength. The product does this by penetrating very deeply into concrete, where it reacts with alkaline hydration products to form a dessicant gel in the pores of the concrete. This gel formation has the capability of “locking up” moisture and preventing its migration through concrete, and once formed, remains active for the life of the concrete.

As the product penetrates completely below the surface, it does not affect the adhesion of subsequent floor treatments and acts as an excellent curing compound for fresh concrete, curing and sealing in one operation.

Source: Building Products News.