Alfa Laval Australia  is one of the leading suppliers of heat exchangers, fluid handling equipment, reconditioned centrifuges, filtration, filters and strainers, centrifugal separators, installation material, pumps, tank equipment and other related engineered products. Some of the services offered by Alfa Laval Australia include repairs and retrofits, general advisory services, supervision and problem solving, site audits, cleaning-in-place services, field separator bowl balancing and even more.

Additionally, Alfa Laval Australia believes in performance agreements, which is all about offering the perfect service solution to clients. From providing smallest spare part, to working as long-term performance partner, Alfa Laval Australia can offer mix of items that can suit specific customer requirements. Performance Agreements with Alfa Laval Australia extends star rating, which signifies the different levels of service that will be appropriate for customers.

Performance agreements from Alfa Laval Australia are referred to as Nonstop Performance. These Nonstop Performance service packages extends four levels of service, namely, Basic, Planned, Integrated and Performance. Alfa Laval Australia mission is to increase productivity, decrease downtime and ensure non stop performance for various processes and equipment.