Alfa Laval Australia is originally a Swedish company and was established in 1883. Alfa Laval Australia has developed into a multinational company, which now comprise of some 9,500 employees round the globe. Alfa Laval Australia takes pride in its strong sense of integrity and workforce diversity, which helps in developing solutions for customers. Alfa Laval Australia is commitment to quality.

Some of the quality services extended by the engineers from Alfa Laval Australia include system trouble shooting, condition monitoring, onboard/on-site system surveys, vibration analysis, operator training detailed reports and technical advice.

Alfa Laval Australia further offers upgrading services for a range of processes and equipment. This ensures increased capacity, guaranteed reliability, better economy and improved efficiency. All exchange units from Alfa Laval Australia are offered with warranty for material and workmanship. It also extends CIP for heat exchangers and separators.

Spare parts from Alfa Laval Australia guarantees efficient and safe operation of equipment. These spare parts are made to highest standards and in accordance with original specifications. Additionally, Alfa Laval Australia has developed range of cleaning products, chemicals and additives as equipment monitoring solutions, which avoid undesired breakdowns. AlfaCheck from Alfa Laval Australia is one of the condition based performances checking service for plate heat exchangers.