Albert Smith Signs has made it easier for investors to get the share price information that they need, with the installation of their Dynascan 360° LED in the Atrium of the ASX building in Melbourne. Part of a promotion in November, it will display Bloomberg TV, sharemarket information from Reuters and Bridge Data and share prices from ASX’s SEATS system.

Dynascan’s circular format and triple screens mean that the information can be viewed by many people simultaneously.

Neil Beaumont for ASX, commenting on their use of Dynscan, said, “Over the past decade, more Australians have been directly investing in the sharemarket than ever before. For the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), it has become important to ensure that the investing public has easy access to share prices. To date, ASX has used LED screens at selected locations such as CBD buildings and Qantas Club lounges. Dynascan offers a new opportunity to display sharemarket information in a unique way at a wider range of locations.”