Albert Smith Group  offers architectural signs such as 3D building cladding, stylized elements, dynamic lighting effects, and sculpture features.

Albert Smith Group deals in all ACM building cladding and processing requirements from designing, cutting and routing, to pressing, rolling, incising, intra-cutting,and installing customized ACM products. In addition to this, Albert Smith Group also offers frame work, flashings and caulking as required.

Albert Smith Group uses, fibrelume, an innovation in fiber optic underwater lighting for swimming pools. Fibrelume signs are effective with a multitude of colors. In short, fibrelume transmits light from a single light source to multiple outlets in a safe manner. Advantages of fibrelume includes no heat, no UV light, no power at light output, reduced energy and cost consumption with color change and animation capabilities.

Albert Smith Group Asroll division includes a range of metal formed products and associated components to suit electrical cable installation. Metal formed products are suitable for strut, cable ladder, cable tray, duct, fasteners, fittings, covers, and brackets.

LED digital remote controlled scoreboards are suitable for sports. The signs are designed with bright and wide angle LEDs for maximum visibility. Albert Smith Group can incorporate brand names, product replicas, photographs, and company logos in their signs materials.