Albany Door Systems  provides door solutions for dividing the interior portion of an industrial construction into separate areas. These doors are capable of reducing the sound, transmission of dust, and cold or heat from one area to another. Door products from Albany Door Systems are said to have high closing speeds to facilitate fast opening and closings for secure areas.

The Model RapidRoll 300 High Performance Industrial Door from Albany Door Systems is the second door model for internal applications. The door is designed to offer high closing speeds to reduce energy loss in spaces due to opening and closing activites.

The RapidRoll 330 ECO High Performance Industrial Door model is a lightweight and compact door suitable for noise reduction, draft reduction, isolation and occupational safety purposes. The RollTex model’s surface is made of smooth PVC, which makes it easy to clean and suitable for use in hygienic areas. The compact structure of the RollTex model makes it require only minimum installation space.

The RapidRoll 330 High Performance Industrial Door is also a compact and light-weight door requiring minimum space for installation. In the RapidRoll 660 High Performance Industrial Door model, the door blade is made of RollTex Plus-material, which is a weather resistant material.