The modular design of the RapidRoll 600 industrial doors from Albany Door Systems incorporates side frames manufactured from anodised aluminium on both sides of the curtain. The top roll cover is also made from anodised aluminium and the counterbalance tensioning springs provide smooth operation and keep the door curtain taunt.

Depending on where the door is going to be situated, the choice of door curtain will vary. The available options include tear resistant fabrics and clear PVC. These industrial doors have a wind resistance rating up to Class 3.

The industrial doors are equipped with an electric self testing safety edge which means that people and objects are detected before contact making the door reverse. This safety feature reduces the possibility of harm coming to people, products and equipment. In the event of a loss of electricity the manual release handle enables the door to be opened safely.

The doors can be used in heavy traffic areas and their fast opening and closing speeds can improve workflow and lower utility and maintenance costs. These industrial doors can be configured for internal as well as external use and are ideal to use in the following situations:

  • Separating rooms or environments in interior applications
  • Saving energy and avoiding air drafts
  • Exterior door for demanding outside conditions.